Daniel Meighen

Technology Forecast – Reflection


I created this technology forecast for ICT 732 Technology Futures. The objective was to create a technology forecast on a specific topic within ICT. I chosen the topic of the Internet of Things (ICT). I have some experience with this technology so I found it fitting to choose this as my topic. Much of the information is centered around personal/household use rather than industrial or manufacturing use. 

What was learned?

I learned how to properly conduct a technology forecast. I also conducted research based on scanning hits and analysis of the current trends in IoT usage. 

How was it learned?

It was primarily learned through the use of a structure project. The forecast required multiple components to create a picture of the future for the Internet of Things. After outlining the scope of the forecast, I conducted an assessment on the current conditions. This was followed with a baseline analysis and future summary. I also included alternative futures based on potential real-live situations. 

Future Application

The information I learned throughout this project could be used in the future to help determine the path an organization should take regarding a rising trend or technology.


The challenges faced were due to the inability to see the future. The inherent issues with forecasting are what created the need to conduct research and explore the potential alternatives for IoT futures. Many sources were looked at to find appropriate information relating to the specific topic chosen.