Daniel Meighen

Software Training Delivery Methods – Reflection


This paper goes into detail about different delivery methods for software training. Modern and traditional delivery methods were analyzed. These included paper-based instruction, video-based instruction, web-based instruction, and instructor led training. This paper reviews two studies that were used to determine the success of different training methods. A summary of the findings is included as well as possible solutions and suggestions for determining the best delivery methods.

What was learned?

I learned the difference between the four main training methods as well as their potential for success. It was interesting to see how the differences in the people being trained affected the outcome of certain training methods. Understanding the audience is extremely important in choosing a software training delivery method. It was found that a higher level of media richness typically led to better results. 

How was it learned?

This was learned through research and evaluating the information that was found. Combining the information from different sources created a single, coherent message that was based on scientific studies. 

Future Application

This information can be extremely useful when implementing an ICT system or program in an organization. Choosing the proper training delivery method can be the difference between a successful implementation and a failure. 


The challenge this project faced was finding relevant studies that covered the different training delivery methods. I found multiple articles talking about the benefits of certain methods but finding an actual study was much harder. In the end, I found two relevant studies that looked at the different training methods.