Daniel Meighen

Resistance To Change – Reflection


This paper was created for ICT 701 ICT in Organizations. It discusses the reasons for resistance to change within an organization and how to help overcome them. Specifically, this covers issues pertaining to the implementation of new ICT systems. This is an example of how the influences of society and individuals can impact ICT development. 

What was learned?

I learned different factors that affect the resistance people have when faced with implementing an ICT system or program. I also found it interesting to see how organizational decisions can influence the resistance to change. For example, not including lower-level members of an organization in the decision making process can result in an increased resistance to implement changes. Furthermore, the two key concepts in finding a solution when facing resistance to change are communication and understanding.

How was it learned?

This information was learned primarily through research. The main source was from the book Information & Communication Technology in Organizations. It provided an in-depth look at factors that may create resistance to change. I also used various studies and articles when researching this topic.

Future Application

This information can be extremely helpful when trying to implement a new system or program within the organization. Understanding how to overcome any resistance to change can make the process smooth and successful. 


It was challenging to maintain the content within the scope of the paper. The primary focus was on the organizational perspective and I found it challenging to not cover the societal and psychological factors that may effect an individuals reasoning for resistance. In the end, I maintained focus on resistance to change at an organizational level within ICT implementations.