Daniel Meighen

Miller Park Case Report – Reflection


This artifact is an analysis and review of a case report on the Miller Park construction project. It follows four different phases of the project including: Inception, Development, Implementation, and Closeout. For each phase, I evaluated different areas, such as scope management, time management, and risk management. Each evaluation is followed up with a written explanation of strengths and weaknesses.

What was learned?

This project required me to utilize information learned in the course to judge the project management’s success. I learned how to properly evaluate a project based on a case report that was completed after the events took place. I also had to use critical thinking to properly evaluate certain events within the report, such as evaluating the risk management based on incidents that occurred during construction of the facility. 

How was it learned?

It was learned in a hands-on approach. I needed to perform an analysis based on real data and situations that happened in the past. Evaluating the success of a project required me to have a full grasp on project management concepts. This included understanding the multiple phases of a project and the types of management involved.

Future Application

This experience could be used to analyze and evaluate the success of an ICT system implementation. It could be used in a post-review situation to learn from past mistakes by identifying any emerging issues.


The biggest challenge faced was needing to have a complete understanding of the Miller Park project and the events that unfolded. Extrapolating information used to determine the success of the project required critical thinking.