Daniel Meighen

Google Store Analysis – Reflection


The goal of this project was to perform an analysis on the Google Merchandise Store’s website. The information used for this analysis was based on the analytic data pulled from Google Analytics. The report is broken down into four main sections: Analysis, Review, Insights, and Recommendations. The report includes written explanations of the data as well as detailed visualizations of the data.

What was learned?

I learned the proper methodologies for using website analytics and the data extrapolated from it. I also learned how to created a larger image from many smaller pieces of data. Another thing I learned was how to gather insights based on the information provided.

How was it learned?

This was learned through the use of Google’s analytics platform. I was able to access the live web traffic data from users who have visited the website. By using the software to pull data, I was able to generate reports based on the findings. 

Future Application

This information can be used to identify potential areas of improvement on an organization’s website. The status of their web presence can be used to create and show insights into the visitor’s actions. For example, one could use the traffic data of a website to identify potential marketing areas based on popular pages and provide suggestions for increasing traffic. 


The biggest challenge for this project was having to learn how to use the Google Analytics platform. It was a new system for me and it created a large learning curve that had to be overcome before I could properly use the information contained within the website.