Daniel Meighen

Digital Story – Reflection


This artifact is the final product of a group project created for ICT 509 Collaborative Computing. It is a product of using collaborative computing to create a multimedia presentation on a topic that we chose. The objective was to create a digital storyboard presentation on a topic of our choice using different mediums (text, voice, animation, and music). The topic we chose was about using Virtual/Augmented Reality for helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). My role in this project included participating in brainstorming and contributing content. I also created the final multimedia presentation using video editing software. 

What was learned?

I learned a great deal about communication and technical writing skills. Much of what I learned was also about using collaborative tools, such as Microsoft Teams, to communicate and create a project. Every part of the collaboration was done remotely with every member of the team.

How was it learned?

I used various forms of software such as Microsoft Teams and Skype to communicate and share work. This project taught me collaborative computing through practical experience and real-life scenarios.  

Future Application

I will be able to use the information learned and the experience gained to complete successful projects in the future. Understanding how to communicate effectively through different mediums is essential in meeting project requirements. 


The challenges faced were primarily a result of working with people who have different schedules and time frames with which they are able to collaborate. Identifying a common schedule helped but it did not eliminate unforeseen circumstances such as last minute changes.