Daniel Meighen

Data Collection – Reflection


This paper was created for ICT 509 Collaborative Computing. The assignment was to write a paper on future trends on collaborative computing. I chose the topic of data collection in a municipal setting that can be used in a collaborative effort within an organization. This topic allowed me to critique a growing trend in ICT and also conduct some research contributing to the topic. 

What was learned?

I learned a lot about data collection including the reasons to do so and the risk of performing such tasks. Additionally, I learned the benefits of data collection relating to collaborative computing and the results that it can accomplish. I also learned about future data collection trends and potential possibilities for future uses. 

How was it learned?

This was all learned primarily through research. I primarily used sources found through UW Stout’s research tools which provided access to many studies and articles relating to the topic of data collection. I also used a local municipality’s real-life experience and data as well. 

Future Application

I could use what I have learned to apply it to my current and future projects working for the City of Green Bay. Understanding the potential uses, benefits, and risks associated with data collection can help me when creating solutions or reports from the data.


I faced some initial challenges when conducting research for this paper because most studies and articles for data collection that I found were not specific to municipalities. There are currently many municipalities transitioning to and using data collection to make things more efficient but the number of studies on them were limited.