Daniel Meighen

CRM Solution – Reflection


This CRM solution was created for ICT 505 Information Systems for Enterprise. It was the final product of a group project that analyzed the internal marketing campaign for UW Stout’s ICT program. Once the analysis was completed, we created a prototype CRM solution using Salesforce. The prototype was used to demonstrate how implementing a CRM system would help eliminate issues such as bottlenecks, extended cycle times, hand-offs, and manual steps. My role in this project consisted of multiple components including designing the working prototype and collaborating on the final presentation. 

What was learned?

I learned how to analyze current ICT systems for organizations and identify issues that need improvement. I also learned how to create a prototype of a CRM solution and create a presentation outlining the features and benefits of the solution. 

How was it learned?

This was learned throughout the class as the project developed at different points. For example, I learned how to use Salesforce to create a CRM prototype and understand how CRM systems work. I also learned how to properly perform an analysis of an enterprise system by analyzing the ICT program’s internal marketing campaign processes from previous years. 

Future Application

The knowledge gained in this artifact can help me with future analysis of enterprise systems and the implementations of new software. By understanding the processes involved in the creation of these systems, I can approach any issues with a broader perspective and insight of the situation. 


The main challenge in this project was working and collaborating with other people. It wasn’t a challenge in the sense that there were any problems. It was a challenge in the sense that we had to work remotely and find solutions to problems while having very little time to work on the project in a joint effort. I felt that this challenge resembles some real-world situations and was a great experience to learn how to deal with these situations.